Practical Homestead – Unpaper Towels


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Reuseable UNPAPER TOWELS cotton Flannel2.

Approx 8.5” x 11”

6 towels

Wipe up spills, wash and repeat.

The two layers of fabric are sewn (quilted) together so that when wiping they act as one. This thirsty fabric will soak up all your spills. Also the flannel is fuzzy and grabs the towel behind it and no need for snaps or velcro to keep rolled up. Also folded in a napkin dispenser works really well.

Note: Because each item is handmade there may be slight variations particularly pattern placement and some size variation +/- .25″. Also, I do my best to convey the true colours of the product in the photos, but the screen may display them differently. Please allow for slight colour variation between the screen and real life.

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Black & Grey Plaid, Maple Leaf (Black, Red, Grey), Blue, Black, & Grey